Licence No.
MFS-LA/ RF - 0391
MFS-LA/ D - 0427

SITC Of Novec System


Novec1230 is a synthetic, non conductive anti fire system designed as the modern and more environmentally friendly alternative to FM200. The gas extinguishes via its cooling effect, and as it is liquid at room temperature it makes handling, shipping, & system maintenance much easier that its Halon predecessor.

It has zero ozone depletion potential & an extremely low global warming potential in that it has an atmospheric lifetime of just 5 days as opposed to its nearest Halocarbon alternative with a lifetime of 33 years.

It can be used for both streaming & flooding applications & has been designed for special hazards fire protection. Novec has a very low use concentration in that the amount required for effective suppression is around 5.3%-5.6% of the volume of the target area to be protected. This means our Novec systems have one of the smallest system storage footprints of any of our fire suppression systems.